Does Hashimoto’s Cause Depression?

Does Hashimoto's Cause Depression?

Join Dr. Shook as he discusses, "Does Hashimoto's Cause Depression?"

​We understand that thyroid problems are complicated and that is why Dr. Shook has created several resources so that you can be your own advocate and take your health back!

Dr. Shook created “The 6 Week Hashimoto’s Transformation Program” to help people figure out the diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation they need, and do it with a built-in support group. This is a clinically tested program that we can help people get their health back. If you want to learn more click here:

You may want to begin with Dr. Shook’s lab guide, “9 Tests Required to Understand Your Thyroid,” and take a look at a a few of the resources below:

1) HAIR LOSS "How Can I Prevent Hair Loss With Hashimoto's?" g-feeqht…

2) THYROID LABS "9 Tests Required To Understand Your Thyroid"

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