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3 02 anti inflammatory diet is weight loss diet

Weight loss is bonus to anti-inflammatory diet

Counting calories, avoiding fats, miniscule portions, living with hunger—dieting is a drag and the majority of people eventually gain back the pounds they fought so hard to lose. Newer research shows sloth and gluttony aren’t necessarily to blame for excess weight, but instead inflammation, leaky gut, stress, and other health imbalances. Dieting slows the metabolism, […]

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importance of breakfast

Why eating breakfast prevents weight gain and fatigue

Breakfast is the easiest meal to skip—mornings are rushed and many people don’t have an appetite when they wake up. Some people even feel nauseous in the morning (which indicates a blood sugar disorder). But if you skip breakfast you may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts, increasing your risk of obesity and blood sugar […]

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always hungry leptin resistance

Are you always hungry? You could have leptin resistance

You would think people who are overweight or obese would never feel hungry—after all, they have all that extra fat to burn. But in a cruel twist of metabolic trickery, carrying excess fat can actually make you hungrier thanks to a phenomenon called leptin resistance. What is leptin? Leptin is a “satiety” hormone secreted by […]

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Do you suffer from sitting disease? Frequent breaks and standing are key

Do you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly but sit long hours each day at work? If so, you could be undoing all your good work. Sitting, even if you otherwise practice healthy habits, is associated with poor cardiovascular health, higher inflammation, and more belly fat, according to a 2011 Australian study. This is […]

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Dr. Oz’s Functional Medicine Warriors and Weight Loss

Functional Medicine is science based prevention.  Recently Dr. Oz had a panel of functional medicine doctors on his show, and they shared with the world the future of true health care.  No longer are we simply looking at diagnosing a disease then treating symptoms, now pioneers of functional medicine look to identify the drivers of disease processes and […]

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Overtraining-adrenal cortisol-belly fat

Overtraining: Too much of a good thing

Studies show overtraining can imbalance health. Sufficient recovery between exercise sessions and exercising at an appropriate intensity will get you fitter faster without compromising health.

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Holiday sugar hangover cure?

Did the holidays leave you with a sugar hangover, including lethargy, upset stomach, brain fog, mood swings, or joint pain? While alcohol hangover cures are a folklore staple, you can recover from your sugar hangover with some solid steps:

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Building Muscle May Reduce Diabetes Risk, Study Says – US News and World Report

Building Muscle May Reduce Diabetes Risk, Study Says – US News and World Report. New research shows increased muscle mass appears to help reduce the risk of diabetes.  This research continues to highlight the importance of exercise. If you would like to have better health then join Dr. Shook on his next free weight loss […]

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Always hungry? Blame this hormone made by body fat

Question Why am I hungry all the time when I am already overweight, even shortly after eating a full meal? Answer A hormone called leptin, which is produced by body fat, controls whether you feel satisfied after eating. A hormone called leptin controls hunger If you produce too much leptin you develop leptin resistance, which […]

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