Childhood stomach aches linked with adult depression and anxiety

A Stanford University researcher found that gastric irritation early in life could pave the way for lifelong psychological problems.

Statins increase risk of diabetes 50%

Many people don’t realize that inflammation, not a statin deficiency, underlie high cholesterol, and that the condition can usually be managed naturally.

Depression linked with bad digestion

Question I went to see my natural medicine practitioner for depression and she wants to work on my digestive health. I don’t get the connection. Answer Many people would be surprised to learn how greatly gut health affects brain health. A poor diet, inflamed gut, and intestinal permeability definitely can promote depression. Depression a not-so-obvious […]

Could I have a food intolerance?

Question I’m told food intolerances can affect my health. How can this be true when I don’t have any digestive symptoms? Answer Sometimes it’s difficult to connect a food we eat every day with such health complaints as joint pain, brain fog, mood imbalances, congestion, skin rashes, or chronic inflammation. It’s not obvious a particular […]

Is life really overwhelming, or are you just stressed out?

Question I feel totally overwhelmed by life and like I can barely cope. I can’t quit my job, give away my children, or afford a cook and a housecleaner. Is there anything I can do for my stress levels? Answer Sometimes you can dramatically alter a stressful life simply by addressing your own stress physiology. […]

Brain health depends on gut health

Question Why do I seem to struggle so much with brain fog, anxiety, and depression? Answer Many factors can underlie these symptoms, however one of the most common is poor digestive health. The gut and the brain are intimately connected and poor digestive health can lead to poor brain health and related symptoms. Leaky gut […]

Gluten can cause leaky brain and leaky gut

Question Eating gluten doesn’t upset my stomach. Why should I consider eliminating it from my diet? Answer Eating gluten, the protein found in wheat and wheat-like grains, has been shown to make the lining of both the brain and the digestive tract permeable or “leaky.” Leaky brain A leaky brain allows bacteria, heavy metals, environmental […]

Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?

Question: I am on thyroid hormones. Why do I still have fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, and constipation? Answer: For 90 percent of Americans hypothyroidism is an immune disease, not a thyroid disease. Thyroid hormone medication doesn’t address the immune imbalances. Hypothyroid symptoms Hypothyroidism, or low thyroid function, affects millions of Americans, causing weight gain, […]

What does functional medicine mean?

Question: I keep hearing the term functional medicine. How is it different from regular medicine? Answer: Functional medicine’s focus is on correcting physiological function versus manipulating the problem with drugs or removing it with surgery. Different causes for same disease Let’s say 10 different people visit a functional medicine practitioner with the same complaint, whether […]

Possible Link Between SSRIs and Breast, Ovarian Cancer

This is very interesting research that is not conclusive, but that highlights some of the unknown risks associated with many of the medications we take on a regular basis.  Everyday we hear of new medications that are making people sick, so is the benefit greater than the risk?  Are there safe alternatives that could work […]