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Fight inflammation with glutathione recycling

The term “antioxidant” has become popular in a multitude of products from acai to dark chocolate, but the most important antioxidant is the one made by your body: glutathione. Sufficient glutathione is vital for good health. Glutathione is a molecule that protects the body in many ways. It shields cells from damage caused by oxidation […]

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Chemical sensitivity

Do you have a chemical sensitivity?

You’ve probably heard of food intolerances to gluten, dairy, eggs, or other foods. But chemical intolerances, or sensitivities, have become increasingly common, as well. A person with a chemical sensitivity has an immune reaction to chemicals and heavy metals in air pollution, pesticides, plastics, adhesives, household cleaners, cosmetics, perfumes, and more. When exposed to these […]

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Overtraining-adrenal cortisol-belly fat

Overtraining: Too much of a good thing

Studies show overtraining can imbalance health. Sufficient recovery between exercise sessions and exercising at an appropriate intensity will get you fitter faster without compromising health.

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Can stress cause your baby’s allergies?

A calm, healthy pregnancy and postpartum period could reduce the risk of allergies in your baby, according to a new Swedish study. Researchers found infants with lower levels of cortisol, an adrenal hormone released in response to stress, developed fewer allergies than other infants. Stress hormone cortisol triggers allergies The researchers believe environmental and lifestyle […]

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Could I have a food intolerance?

Question I’m told food intolerances can affect my health. How can this be true when I don’t have any digestive symptoms? Answer Sometimes it’s difficult to connect a food we eat every day with such health complaints as joint pain, brain fog, mood imbalances, congestion, skin rashes, or chronic inflammation. It’s not obvious a particular […]

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Why do I have brain fog all the time?

Question I seem to live in a perpetual fog, like I can’t think clearly or I’m not all the way there. Why do I have brain fog? Answer Brain fog is a sign of brain inflammation. Although inflammation in the brain doesn’t cause pain, it can cause symptoms of brain fog. The brain is protected […]

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Is life really overwhelming, or are you just stressed out?

Question I feel totally overwhelmed by life and like I can barely cope. I can’t quit my job, give away my children, or afford a cook and a housecleaner. Is there anything I can do for my stress levels? Answer Sometimes you can dramatically alter a stressful life simply by addressing your own stress physiology. […]

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Common among Car Accident Victims – U.S. Politics Today – News Media Monitoring

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a common finding after car accidents.  I routinely treat these types of injuries and find that patients usually report varying degrees of fear/stress when riding in a car after the accident.  In some cases PTSD can be so severe that people will do everything possible to avoid riding in a […]

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