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Research Shows: Rehabilitation of Neck Curve Improves Spinal Nerve Root Function and Pain

Cutting edge research: Abnormal neck curve results in vital decrease nerve function. This means your neck curve can decrease the function of your nerves that supply vital organs!

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New Research: Low Back Pain Caused By Muscle Inhibition?

Lower back pain is a very common problem and the chances of having it reoccur are likely, but why is this? Low back pain can be caused from many different tissues and pathologies, but there is one source of back pain that is often overlooked….

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Great Research: Reverse Neck Curve, Disc Degeneration & Spinal Cord Ischemia

This is a great article reviewing research that highlights the importance of having a normal curve in your neck, and the consequences if you don’t.  The article is more appropriate for physicians and those familiar with spinal anatomy and biomechanics. Cervical Spine Kyphosis: Disc Degeneration and Spinal Cord Ischemia – American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic – […]

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