Why Your Doctor May Not Be Able To Help

Your Doctor Wants To Help Your Thyroid Problem, This Is Why Most Can't...

Three Reasons Your Doctor Can't Help Your Thyroid Problem (Hahsimoto's, Graves', Hypothyroid)

I say this a lot... your doctors care about you even if it seems like they don't.

It's complicated... medicine, insurance, and trying to help you live a good life while protecting you from doing something that may be harmful isn't easy.

Your doctors have a tough job that is only getting more difficult and filled with more red tape that keeps them from helping you the way they believe is best.

If you have thyroid symptoms, Hashimoto's Disease, Graves' Disease, or hypothyroidism and still don't feel well, don't worry, you are not alone, and there is hope!

There are about 50 different ways your thyroid chemistry can breakdown causing you to have thyroid related symptoms, and thyroid hormone replacement therapy is only an answer for one.

Understanding the nearly 50 ways loss of optimal thyroid function can occur is not taught in any traditional medical program.

So, what does this mean?

It means your doctor doesn't know how to help you if the thyroid medications don't work.


How can this be?

There are at least three reasons...

Three Reasons Your Doctors Can't Help Your Thyroid Symptoms:
  1. Your problem can't be fixed with medications alone.
  2. There are three areas of training that the majority of doctors don't have:
    1. Genomics/SNPs/Epigenetics
    2. Precision Medicine - Tailored health interventions based on your unique lab tests and genetics.
    3. Functional Medicine - System Based Support (how systems work together).
  3. Advanced Diagnostic Testing

The testing you need done to help you understand what could be causing your thyroid symptoms are "not medically necessary" meaning they are not going to be covered by insurance.

In addition to the barrier of your care not being covered by insurance, most doctors don't have the training or time to interpret and review these results with you, much less create a plan to help address the problems found.

Your doctors are an essential part of your healthcare team, and they offer extremely valuable service, but most are not trained to support your low thyroid symptoms if the medications don't work.

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