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New Research (2011) Shows Laser Therapy Improves Carpal Tunnel

*+-I’ve written other posts on this exact topic, but NEW research has just come out on how low level laser therapy improves carpal tunnel syndrome.  This is a big deal, because so many people suffer with carpal tunnel and it is often extremely debilitating and effects the person
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New Research: Laser Therapy Improves Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

*+-New research continues to show that low level laser therapy (LLL)can help with carpal tunnel syndrome.1  If you are suffering with carpal tunnel, or know someone who has carpal tunnel LLL therapy may be able to help them get out of pain, heal the damaged and compressed nerves, get
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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Alternatives? Research Demonstrates Options

*+-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can be a very debilitating and painful condition that affects the nerves in the wrist, and can create pain up the elbow and into the shoulder and neck.  Most people do not know that CTS is a form of peripheral neuropathy, which means pathology of a nerv
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