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403 gluten sensitivity debunked response

Does gluten sensitivity exist? Debunking the recent headlines

Recent health headlines proclaimed gluten sensitivity doesn’t exist, fueling a backlash against the gluten-free diet as a baseless fad. These stories point to a recent study questioning the relationship between non-celiac gluten sensitivity and digestive symptoms. Sadly, they mislead the public by glossing over major points of research and cherry-picking information to debunk gluten sensitivity. The study looked at […]

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gluten in meds

Hidden gluten in medications and home and body products

So you’re officially gluten-free. You have your kitchen and shopping lists dialed in and you know how to look for hidden gluten in packaged foods. Ready to go! But wait — did you know that some body products and household items, as well as over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications contain hidden gluten? These items can be the […]

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go gluten free right way

How to go gluten-free the right way

Anyone concerned with health and wellness has heard about the gluten-free diet. Eliminating gluten is critical for those who have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. What many gluten-free newcomers don’t realize is that many common gluten-free foods contain ingredients that just promote a different set of health problems. In this article we’ll discuss how to avoid this […]

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Are you sure you can eat wheat? Gluten tests often wrong

Gluten intolerance is not as straightforward as once believed. Many people test negative for gluten intolerance when, in fact, they have celiac disease or should be on a gluten-free diet. This is because standard tests are incomplete and fail to account for gluten cross-reactivity. Fortunately, revolutionary breakthroughs in gluten testing are now available from Cyrex […]

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Tennis – ATP World Tour – Djokovic Is Gluten-Free… Are You?

Tennis – ATP World Tour – Djokovic Is Gluten-Free… Are You?. Yes, you can have all the energy you want without bread and grains! Read the article published on the atpworldtour.com website on how Novak Djokovic reached #1 in the world and achieved a 41-0 record on a gluten free diet!  Want to be healthy […]

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