Alliance Injury Treatment Center Opening in the old Springs Road Chiropractic Office

Alliance Injury Treatment Center Opens In The Old Springs Road Chiropractic Center Building Hickory Spine at Alliance Injury Treatment Center Opens Second Location In Hickory, NC We are proud to open a new location of Alliance Injury Treatment Center in Hickory, NC.  For specific information on our new and second clinic location, visit, which […]

An afternoon nap markedly boosts the brain’s learning capacity

Here is some research I can really get behind…

Research Shows Specific Exercises Slow Kyphotic (Hump) Posture in Women

Do you want to prevent poor posture as you get older? If so, read this post.

Research Review Titled: “Fibromyalgia: a disorder of the brain?”

Fibromyalgia and Brain Connection

New Study Shows That Fibromyalgia is Not Depression

research Shows, Fibromyalgia is NOT Depression.

Our Brains are “Plastic”

Brains are “plastic” and have the ability to change. Our new understanding of plasticity allows for the treatment of many chronic pain conditions.

B3 Helps Damaged Brains to “Rewire”

B vitamins help the brain to “rewire.”

Research Continues to Demonstrate Brain Degeneration in People with Fibromyalgia

People with fibromyalgia show abnormalities in metabolism, and insuing neural degeneration within areas of the brain associated with memory.

Neck Pain, Back Pain and Headaches: Three Reasons You Should See A Chiropractor First

Using safe, all natural chiropractic care for neck pain, back pain and headaches, could save you time, money and potential injury.

Fibromyalgia Is A Central Nervous System Disorder

Fibromyalgia is a central nervous system disorder.