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Research: Lower Cost of Care for Back Pain When Initiated With Chiropractic vs Medical

Are you concerned about national debt, our country’s national security, and what your child’s or grandchild’s future will like be if our spending continues at this rate? Well, I don’t have all the answers, but this is a good place to start by cutting spending on one of the most costly medical conditions our country faces…

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Great Research: Reverse Neck Curve, Disc Degeneration & Spinal Cord Ischemia

This is a great article reviewing research that highlights the importance of having a normal curve in your neck, and the consequences if you don’t.  The article is more appropriate for physicians and those familiar with spinal anatomy and biomechanics. Cervical Spine Kyphosis: Disc Degeneration and Spinal Cord Ischemia – American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic – […]

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