The Office of Dr. Brad Shook


A Functional Medicine & Functional Neurology Provider of The Carolinas


We utilize the latest science and advanced diagnostic testing to help determine the root cause of disease processes and declining health.

Dr. Brad Shook, DC, BCIM

Welcome to our site, we are glad you are here. We strive to be leaders in all natural methods to help chronically sick people get well. Dr. Shook takes a "whole person" approach to determining what is causing and driving a disease process. He incorporates advanced laboratory testing, conducts a thorough health history and may perform an extensive functional neurological examination that takes into consideration brain function, peripheral nerves, and orthopedic concerns.  Please feel free to look around the site, watch Dr. Shook's videos to learn more about how we may be able to help you, and sign up to on the right side of the page to receive Dr. Shook's newsletter and blog updates.

What we do, is look at the whole person as an individual. By looking in great detail at your health history, including your brain health and advanced functional diagnostic laboratory testing, we can often see the individualized drivers, or causes of health decline. Once you have that picture for the individual, you then begin developing a customized approach to try and help them restore their health with diet, lifestyle and temporary nutraceuticals.  Sometimes this process of developing a customized plan to help someone does require medication, but if you look at the person's health, and I mean really take time to see what is happening to them, helping chronic conditions becomes much less a mystery.

- Dr. Brad Shook, DC, BCIM

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