Transcend Diagnosis, Regain Vibrant Health

No Labels, No Limits

Transcend Diagnosis, Regain Vibrant Health

No Labels, No Limits

 Anna Tran 

After working with Dr. Shook for only 1.5 months, I'm starting to feel better than I have in years!

I have more energy, brain fog is gone, and muscular aches and pains have significantly lessened. I am not fully there yet with my health but for the first time in a very long time, I feel hope and actually believe that I WILL get better.

If anyone reading this or know someone who is suffering from a chronic autoimmune disease, 'The Office of Dr. Brad Shook' is definitely a site they should check out. Thank you Dr. Shook!

Jo-Ann Gulotta Inguanta

Dr. Shook comes across as a very kindhearted, caring, and genuine doctor. The interaction and response rate from Dr. Shook and his staff through the Transformation Community Facebook support group, email, and telephone is outstanding and so helpful!

The videos and podcasts that he provides frequently on his website and his regular Facebook page are so helpful and valuable as well. It amazes me how much passion, time, and effort he puts into truly wanting to help so many people!

In my personal opinion, he is one of a kind and there is no other doctor out there like him!

 Janet Kiefer

Dr. Shook's approach to Hashimoto Disease and it's downstream effects is far and away light years ahead of MDs, Endocrinologists and many alternative practitioners.

I've suffered from advanced Hashimoto disease for 40+ years, hunted down every possible answer, doctor, treatment or remedy and in my opinion, no practitioner has delved into this syndrome as deeply or effectively as Dr. Shook.

His testing gave me more insight than any tests run in the past 20 years. In 6 weeks I've lost weight, am addressing the inflammation and insulin sensitivity and (the biggest gain) found HOPE again. Thank you Dr. Shook!