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The Hashimoto’s Doctor

We strive to utilize the latest science and testing to help determine the root cause of hashimoto’s and autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Brad Shook, DC, BCIM, Hashimoto's Doctor

The Hashimoto’s Doctor – Dr. Brad Shook

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Dr. Shook uses Functional Medicine to help best determine what is causing, and driving  the autoimmune process in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

3 Surprising Hashimoto’s Facts:

  1. Hashimoto’s is the #1 autoimmune condition in the United States.
  2. Approximately 8 out of 10 people diagnosed as hypothyroid have hashimoto’s, and have never been tested.
  3. It’s estimated 1 in 8 women have Hashimoto’s.


For most people with hypothyroidism, the reason they have low thyroid symptoms is Hashimoto’s. There are at least 24 ways your thyroid can dysfunction, and only 1 of those 24 problems responds to thyroid hormone replacement. Our current healthcare system only has one tool for all 24 problems, and this is why most people still feel bad even though their lab tests are normal.

It is our goal to change what we consider an unacceptable standard of care, an underdiagnosis of Hashimoto’s, and poor, to non-existent support strategies to encourage healing and improve quality of life.

We Suggest You Start Here:

  1. Join our Facebook Thyroid Support Group of over 1550 people looking for answers, solutions and support.
  2. Watch Dr. Shook’s videos on how to help hashimoto’s
  3. Watch this video explaining how your thyroid hormone gets made. This is critical to understand why you may feel bad even when your “labs are normal.”


As a Hashimoto’s doctor, I know that healing the immune system is key to beating hashimoto’s and improving quality of life.

We look at each person as an individual. You can have 10 people with low thyroid symptoms, and each person will have 10 different problems.

You cannot treat everyone with low thyroid symptoms the same, it is huge mistake, and one of the reasons so many people continue to feel bad even though their labs look normal.

By looking in great detail at your health history and advanced laboratory testing, we can often see the individualized drivers, or causes of hashimoto’s and autoimmune conditions. If you look at the person’s health, and I mean really take time to see what is happening to them, helping hashimoto’s and autoimmune conditions becomes much less a mystery.

– Dr. Brad Shook, DC, BCIM

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