Refund Policy

Refund Policy & Product Lifetime

We make every effort to provide you with products that will improve your life at a great value.

However, you’re fully protected by a 100% money-back return policy for 7 days, no questions asked, and we mean that.

This is how the policy works:

First 7 Days

Our promise to you: If you are dissatisfied at any time during the first 7 days after purchase, simply return all physical products we shipped to you, delete all digital video, audio, and text files you obtained from us, and ask for a full refund. You will get your money back.

After 7 Days

If for some reason you are dissatisfied or have not evaluated our products or services 7 days after purchasing, we are sorry, but we will be unable to refund your money.

In order to obtain a refund under this policy, physical products should be shipped at your expense to the address listed below, must include your purchase information (such as a copy of your receipt) so that we can make a refund, and the products should be in merchantable condition (i.e. we could resell them because they’re in good condition).

Contacting Us

Please submit all refund requests through our site Make sure to clearly state for which product you are requesting a refund and include your username or email you used with that product.

Send your written refund requests by first class postal mail to:

The Office of Dr. Brad Shook

Attn: Refunds Department

901 HWY 321 NW


HICKORY, NC 28601 United States


To serve you and others better in the future, we request (but do not require) that you tell us why you want a refund. We want satisfied customers.

Please remember that asking for a refund but continuing to use products purchased from us is the same thing as stealing and may also violate applicable intellectual property rights law.

Definition of Product Lifetime

When you purchase any digital product from us, you have “lifetime” access to the product. The “lifetime” of a product is the duration of time that it takes to complete the product or program as defined by the instructions in the product, and or name of the product. For example, “The 6 Week Hashimoto’s Transformation Program” is a 6 week program. The lifetime of this program is therefore 6 weeks. You may have access to it for much longer than that, but we define the product “lifetime” as 6 weeks, and technically you could be removed from the membership site, Facebook support group and any other site or membership or bonus program that was offered in combination with your purchase at the end of the product lifetime, and the product would be considered fully consumed.

We can not be responsible for you or your failure to complete any of our programs in the allotted time that is considered the product lifetime, nor do we intend to restrict your access to the programs, but we do have to consider that at some point we will likely have to close some of our programs, and therefore we wanted to define what the “lifetime” of our products are.

Any and all other products that do not have a clear time frame associated with them that would help to more clearly define the “lifetime” of the product are considered to have a 1 week product “lifetime,” and the same rules apply once the product lifetime has past.

Refunds for consulting services, in office appointments, lab fees, lab interpretation fees, or any other service provided by Dr. Shook are not refundable.

This refund policy and product lifetime definitions were last updated on January 10th, 2017.